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Welcome to Myjoymall, All Orders Get 20% Discounts Now!
Welcome to Myjoymall, All Orders Get 20% Discounts Now!

Green Tea Purifying Clay Stick Mask Deep Cleaning Oil Acne Remover Anti Aging

Original price $9.99
Current price $7.99
1. This product is developed based on long standing ( More than one thousand  years) traditional face treatment recipes and modern cell biology results. It mainly made with natural products that are extracted from green tea leaves. 

2.There are abundant of anti oxidants, vitamins, and mineral components in the green tea extraction, which provide rich treatment for skin cells. 

3.The green tea acids are perfect skin pore cleansing reagents that provide gentle and deep cleaning of skin without irritation.  

4. The EDTA  molecules help to exfoliate dead skin cells and provide deep skin pore cleansing as well. 

5.The mud mask formula with water detaining molecules moisturizes face skin.

6. The  abundant anti oxidants components can reduce pigmentation, yellowness, and brighten skin tone.    

7. It is easy to be washed away with water. It is refresh, lightweight and non-greasy. 

8. It is very convenient to carry and use at home or travel.

9. Continuously using this product makes you looks young and pretty

10. The price is very affordable now during this promotion period and would not last long.